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Rtnn: The government is not harassing any innocent people but bringing the terrorists under the law to punish them, Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen said today.

"We are not harassing anyone on political grounds. We are arresting them who are terrorists," Momen told reporters at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday (12 December).

Referring to recent arson attacks on vehicles, Momen said Bangladesh shows zero tolerance policy towards terrorists and terrorism.

He called upon those who are involved in terrorist activities to shun the path of terrorism and involve in due political activities.

Responding to a question on the human rights situation, Momen said Bangladesh is a model country compared to other countries in terms of protecting human rights.

He mentioned the sacrifice made by the people of Bangladesh to uphold democracy, human rights, and justice.

Momen said other countries should take lessons from Bangladesh on human rights and justice.

He highlighted violations of human rights in Gaza and some developed countries where people are killed in broad daylight.

Asked about the Rohingya situation and their repatriation, the foreign minister reiterated his optimism regarding their return.

He said repatriation does not depend on the willingness of Bangladesh and Myanmar as many actors are involved in the process.

The Rohingyas are willing to return to their home, he said, adding, "There is a problem. Many among them are unwilling to undergo the repatriation process."

Asked about Bangladesh's relations with the US, he said the relationship is very cordial.

Momen said an election wave is sweeping across the country, and participatory election means people's participation.

He said friendly countries like the US give suggestions to Bangladesh, and Bangladesh accepts those suggestions that look good for the country.