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Rtnn: The Omani Embassy in Dhaka has announced that the Sultanate of Oman has lifted temporary restrictions on 10 visa categories for Bangladeshi nationals.

According to a note from the embassy, the exempted visa categories now include official visas, family visas, visitor visas for Bangladeshi nationals living in GCC countries, and visas for engineers, doctors, nurses, teachers, accountants, investors, and high-income tourists.

The note also mentioned that the local embassy will now receive and process all applications and related documents for these categories in coordination with the Royal Omani Police.

Furthermore, the embassy assured that both Omani and Bangladeshi authorities are working towards lifting the ban on work visas, a process that is currently in progress.

The temporary ban on all visa categories, except for official purposes, was imposed by the Royal Omani Police in October 2023 to review Oman's overall migration policy.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh has welcomed Oman's decesion on visa restrictions withdrawal from most categories.