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Rtnn: The majority of those agitating to reform the new curriculum are involved in the coaching business, Education Minister Dipu Moni has said. 

She said this curriculum is the result of a decision made in 2019 after extensive research by many experts. It will be fully implemented by 2027. The prime minister has given her approval for this.

Education Minister Dipu Moni made the comments during an event at Chandpur Circuit House on Friday. 

 Sadly, some teachers are also involved in these movements. Their main goal is to keep the coaching business running. If we agree with them and decide to give a 50-60 point exam, children must attend coaching centres to prepare for them,” she added.

The minister also said that a year is not enough time for such a significant change in education. Parents will adjust gradually, and teachers will be constantly trained. The new curriculum books are still in testing mode.