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Rtnn: As Eid-ul-Azha approaches on June 17, 2024, film enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the seasonal cinematic offerings. For cinema halls, this period is a vital one, as it brings a surge in audience numbers.

Here are some eagerly anticipated films you can enjoy with your family this Eid:

'Toofan': The main attraction 
The spotlight this Eid will undoubtedly be on Shakib Khan's "Toofan". Directed by Raihan Rafi and produced under the banner of Alpha-i, the film is set for a nationwide release on June 17, 2024. Shahriar Shakil is at the helm of production, with digital partner Chorki and international distributor Shree Venkatesh Films (SVF) from Kolkata.

Since the teaser dropped on May 7 on Chorki and SVF's YouTube channels, "Toofan" has become a hot topic across both Bengals. The teaser showcases Shakib Khan in a never-before-seen avatar. The film's action-packed look, atmosphere, dialogue delivery, and cinematography have captivated audiences throughout the teaser. Following this, the item song "Laage Ura Dhura" featuring Kolkata's busy actress Mimi Chakraborty and sung by Pritom Hasan, was released, gaining significant popularity. The song's lyrics, presentation, and the appearances of Shakib Khan, Mimi, and Raihan Rafi in a cameo have been widely appreciated.

The film boasts a star-studded cast from both Bengals, including Chanchal Chowdhury, Mimi Chakraborty, Jisshu Sengupta, Misha Sawdagar, Fazlur Rahman Babu, and Shahiduzzaman Selim. Notably, it marks the return of Bangladesh's popular actress Masuma Rahman Nabila to the big screen after a long hiatus.

Despite some cinema halls expressing concerns over high rental fees making it difficult to screen the film, the majority of theatres that operate year-round are eager to book it. The issue was a hot topic at the Bangladesh Film Exhibitors Association's annual general meeting, attended by over 60 theatre owners nationwide. 

 All in all, there's no doubt that "Toofan" will be the centerpiece of this Eid's cinematic celebrations.

'Moyurakkhi': A tale of love and betrayal
On June 6, the item song "Piriter Bazar" from the movie "Moyurakkhi" was released on YouTube. This video mesmerises with its eclectic mix of visuals, stills, and lyrical typography, notably featuring imagery inspired by rickshaw art.
Directed by Rashid Polash, "Moyurakkhi" has been long in the making, with multiple release dates being postponed in the past. The film's poster was first unveiled by Rashid on his Facebook page, announcing its imminent Eid release. 

The storyline, screenplay, and dialogues for the film were crafted by Golam Rabbani, and it stars Eamin Haque Bobby and Sudip Biswas Deep in the lead roles. The music direction is handled by Jahid Nirob. According to Rashid Polash, the film revolves around a poignant story of love and betrayal, inspired by a true event.

Controversy surrounds the film as actress Samsun Nahar Shimla claims that the story mirrors her own life. She has even threatened legal action against the director. Shimla's real-life drama includes her marriage to Polash Ahmed on March 3, 2018, which ended in divorce on November 6 of the same year after she discovered he had hidden a previous marriage.

Following the divorce, Polash attempted to hijack Biman Airlines flight BG-147 out of despair, a tragedy that ended with his death at Shah Amanat International Airport. The film's teaser hints at a plot involving an airplane hijacking and the life of an actress, sparking debates about whether it's based on Shimla's life. Despite the controversy, "Moyurakkhi" is poised to be a significant draw for audiences this Eid.

'Aguntok': A dark mystery
The latest addition to the list of Eid releases is "Aguntok". After receiving clearance from the censor board, the official trailer was released on YouTube. The trailer depicts a series of mysterious murders in the city, with no one able to unravel the identity of the perpetrator. This gripping plot features Puja Chery and Shamol Mawla sharing the screen, with Puja playing an inquisitive journalist navigating through violence and mystery.

Directed by Sumon Dhar, "Aguntok" received uncut clearance from the censor board on Monday. Producer and distributor Zahid Hasan Abhi confirmed that discussions are already underway with Cineplex multiplexes for the film's screening. However, netizens have noted similarities between the trailer and storyline of the film with "Ratsasan" and "Gumnaam", suggesting it might drawn inspiration from these.

'Revenge': A run-of-the-mill commercial film?
Directed by MD Iqbal, "Revenge" is set to hit cinema halls this Eid. Among the Eid releases, its trailer has been deemed the least captivating. The trailer lacks innovation, sticking to the commercial cinema formula without offering anything new. The dialogues are clichéd, and the expressions are all too familiar. 

Even the background music appears to be lifted from Tamil films. The main roles are played by Shobnom Yesmin Bubly and Ziaul Roshan, with Misha Sawdagar portraying the villain.

'Dark World': A producer's 'ambition'
"Dark World" exemplifies the ambition of producers who wish to star in their own films. Munna Khan, the producer, also takes on the lead role in this film, set to release this Eid. Directed by Mostafizur Rahman Manik, the trailer initially seemed promising. However, Munna Khan's poor dialogue delivery and overacting have already disheartened potential viewers. 

Despite casting popular actress Koushani Mukherjee from West Bengal and featuring talented musicians like Asif Akbar, Imran Mahmudul, and Atiya Anisha, the film's success hinges on Munna Khan's ability to win over the audience with his performance.