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Rtnn: While the opening of the metro rail station at the Dhaka University (DU) campus is met with great enthusiasm by all, including students, teachers and employees, a key issue has emerged: the demand for a half-fare concession for students.

The metro rail station on the university campus is set to open its doors on Wednesday, non-resident students are ecstatic to see their daily commute time reducing significantly.

Taibur Rahman Sifat, a Department of Mass Communication and Journalism student, emphasized the transformative impact of the TSC's metro rail station on the lives of Dhaka University students. 

“Many students from Mirpur and Uttara previously suffered due to severe traffic congestion, spending hours in jams to reach the campus. The metro rail will bring relief to them enabling them to commute in just 20 minutes from Mirpur and under half an hour from Uttara,” he said.

Demanding half fare for students, he said: “High fare of metro rail can be difficult for students to bear.” 

 Taibur hoped that university authorities would collaborate with metro rail authorities to explore options for implementing a reduced fare for students.

Another student, Jannatul Mawa, who initially opposed the metro station due to environmental concerns, now appreciates the convenience it offers.

 She said: “Now that I see that I won't miss classes in the morning, I won't waste hours on the road due to traffic jams, then it feels good.”

Dr Mihir Lal Saha, a professor in the Botany Department, shared his enthusiasm, describing the metro rail as a realization of a dream. 

“A country's development system is visible when their transportation system is visible. Transport system is very important for teachers-students-staff at the University,” he added.

Addressing initial opposition to the placement of the metro rail station at TSC, Dr Saha acknowledged concerns related to noise pollution and overcrowding.

However, he underscored that the overall outcomes have been overwhelmingly positive, making commuting more accessible and efficient for the university community.

Additionally, he commended the safety of the metro rail, deeming it a crucial aspect of the university's transportation landscape.

Philosophy student Tanveer Ahmed also expressed his gratitude, considering the metro rail at TSC a blessing for ordinary students, particularly those who reside off-campus. He highlighted the newfound convenience and speed with which students can now reach various destinations covered by the Metrorail.

Labhlu, an employee at the Teacher-Student Centre (TSC), shared his personal experience, describing the metro rail as a beautiful and revolutionary addition for Bangladesh.

He said: “My home is in Uttara. I have to come to office in TSC every morning. I am often late due to traffic jams. Now I can come to office on time using metro rail.”